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The 10 Best Tampon Brands, Hands Down | TheThirty- cotton tampons coles and company ,Sep 01, 2020·The Honey Pot Company Clean Cotton Super Tampons ($8) 3. Cora. Shop Cora Organic Cotton Tampons, Variety Pack ($15) For every product bought, Cora provides pads and health education to girls and women around the world. Its tampons are made of organic cotton and have a BPA-free plastic applicator. ...Products - Cottons - Cottons tampons, Cottons pads ...Most tampons contain synthetic materials, Cottons don’t. Cottons tampons are made of 100% natural cotton, so they give you natural protection you can count on. Biodegradable and hypo-allergenic, Cottons applicator tampons feature a soft round tip, for easy insertion, and an …

Natracare Organic Cotton Tampons - Eco & Beyond

Light or medium flow? Then these 100% pure organic cotton tampons are perfect for red days. Comes in a variety of packs to suit an individual’s needs. BENEFITS Plastic free All natural organic tampons made from 100% organic cotton No bleaches chemicals pesticides or other additives Suitable for vegans Packaging can be recycled Natracare is […]

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Cotton On Clothing Pty Ltd is a locally owned private company, deriving revenue from the retail sale of clothing and consumer goods. The company employs approximately 10, 239 people and operates in 20 countries on all continents. Cotton On Clothing is administered by its head office in Geelong, Victoria.

10 Eco-Friendly and Organic Menstrual Products to Try

Oct 31, 2019·Organic Cotton Tampons These tampons, found at Target, are made with 100% organic cotton and contain no pesticides, fragrances, or dyes. They’re also …

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Feb 05, 2021·Best Tampon Brands. There are many great brands of Tampons out there. Tampax, OB, Kotex, Playtex, Naturacare, Maxim, Lil-Lets and Veeda are among some of the top brands. The most popular brand and arguably the best tampon brand in the US, according to statistics is Tampax. In 2011 over 20 million women in America used the Tampax brand.

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TOTM SUBSCRIPTIONS. A better period, every period. Subscribe & save on every order. Stress-free deliveries of organic cotton period care, once a month or every other month. Our subscription service means always being ready for your period whenever it shows up. No more last-minute panic-buys. Just regular top-ups for a better period, every period.

Veeda | Natural 100% Cotton Feminine Care Products

Natural Tampons, Pads, Liners and Wipes. Pure 100% non-GMO cotton without harmful chemicals. Protect yourself from irritations with our gentle, healthy, and safe period products. Gentle on your body and on our earth, you can feel good about the naturally pure cotton used in every Veeda product.

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A wonderful product! So comfortable and absorbent. Plus, the fact that it’s made from natural cotton is great because I don’t get any irritation. I recommend Cottons products to anyone with sensitive skin! Purchased in September 2020 at Coles. Value for Money. …

We're LOLA - feminine & reproductive care made by women

“I love the story of this company and the products are wonderful! Best condoms I’ve ever used.” - CATHERINE, CUSTOMER SINCE 2019 “I’m obsessed with these 100% cotton tampons. I truly can feel a difference and feel so much better about my period.” ...

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First Period Kit: Classic Combo (Briefs Heavy, Liners & Pads) $50.15. First Period Kit: Ultimate Essentials (Briefs Heavy, Liners, Pads & Tampons) $50.15. Reusable Period Kit: Period Cup & Briefs - Heavy Flow $70.00 $63.00. Reusable Period Kit: Period Underwear - Heavy Flow $45.00 $40.50. Organic Cotton Pouch - the TOM Co Classic $10.00.

From my Master's thesis to my new start-up | LSE Management

Feb 02, 2017·Looking at the few existing options for organic cotton tampons, we decided: 1) it was time for branding and design that appealed to contemporary females and 2) it was time for organic cotton feminine hygiene care to join other organic products sold in major retailers. And so, our start-up FLO was born! Laying the groundwork

Period Care | Seventh Generation

Our tampons are made of 100% organic cotton and are free & clear of unnecessary fragrances and deodorants. Our pads and pantiliners are hypoallergenic and processed chlorine free. No matter your preference, you’ll have peace of mind with the effective, leak-free protection.

Organic Tampons with Applicator | Cora

Made with 100% certified organic cotton core and made without pesticides, dioxins, chlorine, fragrance – because what you put in your body matters. The BPA-free plastic applicator is paired with a redesigned cotton tampon that provides a smoother insertion (and removal) for a more comfortable wear. W-shape helps tampon expand widthwise to fit ...

DAME. Award-winning sustainable period products.

14 Organic Cotton Tampons. £3.29. Add to cart. 34 Organic Cotton Tampons. £8.70. Add to cart. Reusable Applicator. £16.99. Add to cart. Reusable Period Pad. £10.99. ADD TO CART. READ APPLICATOR REVIEWS BUY APPLICATOR SET TOGETHER WE’VE SAVED OVER 6 MILLION PLASTIC period products. How many are yours? ...


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Eco-friendly materials and a whole lotta sass - to leave us feeling crazy confident + empowered in our messiest bodily moments. Our Mission. Every pack. gives back! We believe in the power of community. 5% of our profts go to girls + women in need, and every month we donate our sustainable period products to help fight period poverty.

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Today, L.’s solidarity model has helped increase access to period care products in 25 countries around the world including the US, India, Kenya, and Nepal. Every time L. is purchased, our impact grows. For every pack of L. you buy, we make one period care product accessible to …

Organic Toiletries & Body Care Products | Abel & Cole

Organic Toiletries & Body Care. With everything from shampoo, conditioner, soap, shower gel, deodorant, body creams and toothpaste – all organic of course – taking care of yourself from head to toe has never been easier.

The 10 Best Tampons in 2021 - Byrdie

Aug 28, 2021·Final Verdict . There are all kinds of great new tampons to choose from these days. The Lola Organic Tampons are our all-around favorites, made of organic cotton and with a BPA-free applicator, and available in a variety of absorbencies. Those who prefer to go applicator-free should consider the Cora 100% Organic Cotton Non-Applicator Tampons, while those who are very active …

o.b.(R) Tampons | Non Applicator Tampons

At o.b., we've always believed that the best applicator is no applicator at all. But we also know a lot of women prefer using a tampon with an applicator. So we've created our "second best" applicator. It's plant-based* (up to 92% plant-based., and comes with a 100% Organic Cotton Tampon…

Organyc - The world’s wellness brand for women

Organyc facial cleansing wipes are made with a 100% certified organic cotton cloth and 100% natural fragrances, to give you superior strength you expect... Organyc brand cotton swabs are made with 100% certified organic cotton inside and out, to give you superior strength and softness.

Organic & Eco Friendly Period Products — Grace & Green

Jul 20, 2021·Choose from our ethically crafted range of tampons, pads and liners in a variety of absorbencies. Made with 100% organic cotton that’s gentle on skin, and free from toxins, chemicals, dyes, synthetic fibres and fragrances.

Tampon Ingredients: What are Tampons Made Of? | Tampax®

Tampax tampons have an important job: to absorb and lock-in your period flow to help avoid leaks and ensure you have one less thing to worry about - because you got things to do! So, they are primarily made from absorbent ingredients like purified cotton, rayon fibers, or a blend of both.

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Buy luxurious bed linen, cotton sheets and embroidered, vintage bed linen. Explore our range of exclusive perfumes, home fragrances and bathroom products.


USA. Personal care and hygiene products for the retail and institutional markets. Feminine hygiene, sanitary napkins, baby diapers and wipes, adult incontinence products, and washroom accessories. MSDS data. Articles and publications. List of events. Links to related sites.